Navy Lounge Refurbishment by Jo Parker Design

Navy Lounge Refurbishment

Design Brief

Jo Parker’s brief was to design a scheme for the Navy Lounge that created a warm and welcoming space for all-day Lounge use and for Afternoon Tea’s. 

Design Intent & Materials Used:

Our inspiration for the scheme came from the name of the Lounge, the architectural features, the existing rug and the adjacent Club Bar and RAF Lounge. The Navy Lounge deserved its own signature as a special space at the heart of the Club. We liked the mix of strong architectural features with the modern organic nature of the rug design. We liked the idea of introducing a more feminine take on the Navy Lounge shapes and colours compared with the adjacent Club rooms.

The colours of the Navy Lounge reflect a sunlit inland sea scape – deep Sea Blues, Navy Blues, Aqua, Gold, Walnut and Stone. The furniture shapes are plush, comfortable and rich. The style of the button back upholstery to the banquette seats and sofa reflect the shapes in the ceiling and the window glazing bars. The table tops are a combination of quartz stone and walnut for variety. The walls are painted in a soft natural stone for warmth. The table and floor lamps provide accent lighting in earth colours. The overall design is modern, fresh and with just a touch of softness.

The furniture is made in workshops in the UK and Europe using Beech, Walnut, metal and quartz. All from fine Hospitality furniture suppliers with a long-established reputation for quality and style.

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