The VSC Roof Garden

The VSC Roof Garden


The VSC Roof Garden 

This year, in order to become more sustainable and reduce our carbon footprint, as well as to create some tasty ‘homegrown’ dishes, the Kitchen Team embarked on creating a roof garden with an array of herbs, vegetables and salads, which you’ll be able to enjoy on our summer menu in August.

The original idea for the garden consisted only of herbs, however after some evaluation, the team realised there was scope to increase the scale of the garden and the Club invested in doubling the space.  The garden is now providing most of our herbs, with some salad items and now vegetables including Cavolo Nero, Fennel and Courgettes.

The garden has contributed to the reduction in our packaging along with other successful initiatives that we have worked on with our food suppliers.  As a bi-product it has become a training tool for the kitchen team and has been the point of interest with visiting chefs. Looking forward there is further room for expansion and next year we hope to double the footprint again.  The garden is producing amazing food for our members and guests, just steps away from the kitchens while supporting the club’s sustainable initiatives.

By growing our own products, this reduces the amount of pesticides and other chemicals you would usually consume in shop bought products - Our goal is to deliver a healthier, tastier and more sustainable menu for our clients.

Our new summer menu at the Club Dining Room is full of goodies from our roof garden. By using organic food on our plates, we aim to eliminate chemicals, pesticides, and other unnatural techniques from your diets.

Paul Mattocks, our Executive Chef makes sure that our products are well looked after and get all the necessary care they require to fully grow.

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