National Careers Week - Meet some of the VSC Team

This week is National Careers Week (4th-9th March). Meet some of the staff from the VSC and find out what they love most about their roles.  

Karolina Skowronska

How did you start working as Assistant Membership Secretary?

I used to work as a Reception & Reservations Supervisor and then I was promoted to my current role as Assistant Membership Secretary about 2 years ago.

What do you love most about your job at the VSC?

What I most enjoy about working at the Club is the positive atmosphere and opportunities to develop my skills. The Club’s Management takes good care of its employees’ welfare and makes it a very friendly and respectful place to work. I would definitely recommend it to anyone!

Antoine Sahyoun

How did you start working as the VSC’s Food and Beverage Manager?

My background originates from the hotel industry, I studied hotel management in Switzerland and worked in different countries in the hotel sector.

Prior to this role, I was Catering Operations Manager at Kings College London. However I wanted to go back to my roots and join a high volume hospitality organisation and I have always been fascinated by Private Members Clubs. The vacancy for F&B Manager at the VSC became available, I applied and I’ve never looked back.

What do you love most about your job at the VSC?

Everything! My team are fantastic, the support I get from above is great and I love meeting members!

Fiona Karn-Smith

How did you start working as Marketing Co-Ordinator?

I joined the VSC in Autumn 2017, just after the refurbishment of the Carisbrooke Hall. I’ve worked in marketing for over 5 years now.

What do you love most about your job at the VSC?

I love the fact that in my role every day is different and it’s very varied. I love the creative aspect of my role, but I also love walking around the VSC meeting different members of all ages.

Maren Fun

How did you start working as a Front of House Supervisor?

I started at the Club in May 2010. I first worked in Housekeeping, then moved to Front of House as a Receptionist and then applied for the Supervisor Position 10 months later.

What do you love most about your job at the VSC?

Meeting different people and the stories behind those people. I quite like some of the more complicated bookings we receive, they can be a nice challenge.

George Fonscea

How did you start working as the VSC as a Porter?

Before I started working at the Victory Services Club, I worked at Heathrow Airport as a Ramp Agent with United Airlines for 4 years. One day I took an extended holiday back home in Brazil where I stayed for 4 months looking after my Mother. Upon my return to the UK, I decided to look for something different and found a Housekeeping Porter job. I started working at the VSC on 5th December 2009.

What do you love most about your job at the VSC?

My father was a Sergeant in the Brazilian Army for 35 years and I spent nearly 1 and a half years in the Amazon jungle whilst in the Army myself, so the military background of the Club is very significant to me. Working in a private members club, I really enjoy meeting the members as you get to know them very well. Also my colleagues are great, we’re a solid team. We have all been working together for a long time and this is very close to my heart. I’m very proud to work at the VSC.

Iuliana Nistor

How did you start working as Housekeeping Supervisor?

I was working at the Lancaster Central Hotel for 7 years as a Housekeeping Supervisor. My friend told me there was a Housekeeping Supervisor job at the VSC, so I applied and I was successful.

What do you love most about your job at the VSC?

I love the support I get from above, the Head Housekeeper Sue is brilliant, I’ve never had a manager like her so I feel very lucky. I also love all my colleagues they’re all really lovely people, I feel very blessed.

Antonio Pereira

How did you start working as Maintenance Technician?

I joined the VSC in 2014 as a Housekeeping Porter, after 1 year and a half I moved into Maintenance then after another 3 years I moved into my current position as Maintenance Technician.

What do you love most about your job at the VSC?

I love that every day I’m doing something different, no day is the same. I like working in the workshop and building things for the Club.

Valente Dias


How did you start working as Food and Beverage Supervisor?

I’ve worked in the Food and Beverage industry for over 13 years in hotels and on cruise ships. I was previously working at the Holiday Inn, I discovered a F&B Assistant job at the VSC, applied and got the role. I then worked my way up to a Team Leader and now I’m an F&B Supervisor.

What do you love most about your job at the VSC?

I love serving Members, they’ve very friendly and kind towards all staff here at the VSC. I also love working with my colleagues from different nationalities and I love taking on a new challenge each day – it keeps me motivated!

Brett Gable

How did you start working as Events Co-Ordinator?

I started working as the VSC’s Events Coordinator in January 2018. Although I have run events before I had never been in a dedicated events team but I very quickly realised how much I enjoy this environment.

What do you love most about your role?

My favourite part of working at the VSC is the client relationships I have built over the past year both with Members and Corporate clients. I particularly enjoy taking forward members private birthday or anniversary events in our events spaces and being able to provide them with a memorable experience.

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