New Dinner Menu in the Club Dining Room

We’re proud to announce from the 5th September we’ll be launching our brand new A La Carte Winter menu in the Club Dining Room. The new menu features modern European dishes with Asian influences and has been specially created by VSC Executive Chef Paul Mattocks and his team. We spoke with Paul about what influences went into creating this delicious and diverse menu.

What influenced you and the team to create this menu?

We wanted to create a delicious menu using fresh ingredients with an Asian twist, we also wanted to make sure that this menu was diverse and different to the menu in The Grill which features a number of classic British dishes. The Club Dining Room and The Grill are both completely separate restaurants so we like to make sure Members have a good choice of food options to choose from when dining at the VSC. The Club Dining Room offers a range of dishes you’d expect to see in some of London’s top restaurants but at affordable prices.  

What’s your favourite dish on the menu?

There’s so many to choose from! Personally I like the vegetarian starter ‘mushroom and truffle custard with chestnut crumble and salt baked turnips’. When I’ve eaten out before, quite often the vegetarian dishes can be quite bland, we wanted to create something different and unique that we think our Members might not have eaten before, we added truffle to the vegetarian dish to give it a rich and delicious flavour – it’s well worth a try! There’s also some great new desserts on the menu created by our in-house Pastry Team, one favourite is the yuzu tart with lavender meringues, fresh raspberries and raspberry sorbet, it’s so delicate yet very refreshing.

What’s your favourite dish to make on the menu?

All the dishes have been great to make and the team and I have had great fun working together coming up with all the different flavours and concepts. My favourite dish to make has been the Korean spicy garlic and ginger pork belly, this dish comes with kimchi. The process of making the kimchi has been really interesting as it involves a number of steps and ‘pickling’ the vegetable. The menu is great because we’ve used a number of ingredients and techniques that have never been used in the restaurants in the Club before.

What’s the most challenging dish to make?

However long you’ve worked as a chef, there will always be new challenges to overcome. This is my 10th year at the VSC and before that I was a military master chef, but I love coming across new challenges. In this menu it was definitely the cod loin in dashi broth, just because it’s so hard to get the flavours just right, as a chef you’re always striving for perfection. It took quite a few attempts to get this dish perfect! I also found the game dish quite a challenge. We’re lucky to use some of the finest ingredients and the game dish involves venison loin which is a really delicious and sought-after cut of meat, we’ve had a new smoker installed in the kitchen so it was quite a difficult task to ensure that the meat was cooked to perfection, while learning how to use the smoker. After a bit of use, we’ve mastered the smoker and the flavours from that dish are amazing.

New dishes appear on the menu each month what can we expect to see on the next menu?

We’ll always include the most popular dishes on the menu going forward, so if you eat with us make sure you give us some feedback! We’re still working on future dishes, so you’ll have to book a table and try it for yourself!

The new A La Carte dinner menu is available from Wednesday to Saturday (5.30pm – 9.30pm) and if you book a table in September enjoy a complimentary Amuse-bouche on arrival. 

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