The NHS - Aneurin Bevan and the VSC

Congratulations to the NHS on its 70th Birthday today! 

Did you know that the VSC has another particular reason to thank Aneurin Bevan, the Minister responsible at the time.  When in March 1946 the Club identified the Connaught Club (our current Seymour Street premises) as the solution to our property search, the President, Lord Chetwode, wrote to Bevan.  He explained the Club’s aims and objectives and asked if he and the Deputy Chairman (General Sir Walter Kirke) could meet with him and explain our aspirations to secure the building.  Bevan agreed and supported the Club’s wishes; he wrote to Lord Chetwode on 12th April 1946 saying: “I have now received an assurance from the Minister of Works that, in derequisitioning the Connaught Club, he will not offer it to other Government Departments in the usual way.  This means that you can approach the owners for a lease with confidence.”  This was immensely helpful and, without Bevan’s help, perhaps we would not now be enjoying our beautiful building in its prime position.

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