Interview with our Chef Anil Dabre

In the spotlight this month is our Chef Anil Dabre, Anil has been a Chef for over 17 years.  He trained and worked in the Oberoi Hotel group in Mumbai before working for Royal Caribbean on Cruise Ships.  He came to London in 2006 and worked for the Kempinski Group before Joining the Club in 2011.

Anil is usually responsible for our popular curry nights on a Tuesday evening.   With a recent promotion he has taken charge of the ‘Club Dining Room’, our formal dining restaurant.  Along with our Executive Chef Paul Mattocks he has been involved in working with some of the British dishes normally associated with our Club Dining Room Menu and putting some Asian flavours and twists on them.

Anil, what will members find if they eat in the Club Dining Room?

In the Club Dining Room we wanted to give the members some new taste experiences and a different concept while still representing great value for money.  We have done this by looking at what we serve and how we can enhance the flavours on these dishes and in some cases given them an Asian twist while not taking away the quality. 

Will everything be spicy and hot then?

No, we still offer a number of dishes without spices.  Asian flavours don’t have to be overpowering, they can also be very subtle.  It’s all about a balanced menu, which has something for everyone.

We’ve noticed Turmeric is something of a big trend for 2017, but it has been a staple product in South Asian cooking for centuries. What are the benefits of Turmeric? Do you use Turmeric in any of the Club dishes?

Turmeric is definitely cropping in to many Western dishes and is a growing ‘superfood’ trend, it is believed to have anti-inflammatory purposes which is why people claim it is good for conditions such as heartburn, upset stomachs and colds.

Here at the Club our current A La Carte Club Dining Room menu has a few dishes which contain turmeric, such as the Spiced Onion & Almond Crusted Seabass and the Indian Spiced Beef Fillet.

What dishes would you recommend our Members try?

Our Club Dining Room menu’s change every two weeks, of the products on our current menu I’d say try them all! But the Indian Spiced Beef Fillet and Thai Flavoured Duck Breast are definitely worth a try, but be quick as it won’t be on the menu for long!

What dishes have been a hit with our members?

The Classic VSC Fish Pie is always a big hit and so are the dishes on Thali Tuesdays, such as the Chicken Tikka Masala.

Anil, on a final note tell us what our Members can expect from the kitchen in 2017?

This is just the beginning, the flavour infusions between Asian spices and Western dishes have been received very well with our guests. Flavour infusions are very much on trend and myself and Paul will continue to experiment in the kitchen and bring new life to classic dishes. Our Members can expect great texture and flavour combinations and even more mouth-watering food!

Our Executive Chef Paul Mattocks says “Anil has been an outstanding team member and deserves an opportunity to bring together his experiences as a Chef and showcase his talent in the fantastic Club Dining Room space”. 

The Club Restaurant is open from Wednesday to Saturday for a set lunch and A La Carte dinner as well as for Sunday Lunch and Dinner.  Please follow the link attached for a sample of the Club Dining Room Menu.

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