Meet the Team - Rachel Cowan

Tell us about yourself?

Hi, I'm Rachel. I'm the Membership Assistant. I've been working here at the Club for five months.

Can you tell us more about your role and your time at the VSC so far?

I work in the Membership Department. So I deal with membership queries, renewals, and new joiners. We now also do the ticketing for the membership events. I'm the first point of contact for members if they have any issues at the Club or want anything raised.

What's your favourite thing about working at the Club?

I like meeting all the different members. There's a wide range of members at the Club. They come from all over the world, so it's nice speaking to them and hearing their stories and about their time in the military.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I like going to football games. I'm a supporter of QPR (Queens Park Rangers). So I go to their football games every now and then, when I can. I enjoy going for walks. I try to go to the countryside as much as possible too as it's always nice to get out of London.

What is it you most enjoy about London?

I like how there's always something you can do in London. You can go to one of the different parks, you can go to restaurants, you can go to so many places, and there's always something going on. There's never a dull day in London.

Who is your hero?

I would have to say my parents, especially my Mum. I love that my Mum was able to have three daughters and still keep her career and progress with it. Not let it hold her back.

What is your favourite food?

My favourite would have to be seafood pasta. I mean, any pasta, I could have pasta for every meal of every day. I also like prawns, and if I'm feeling bougie, I like oysters!

What three items would you take if you were stuck on an island and why?

I'm pretty pale and burn quite quickly, so I would have to take some sunscreen. I would also have to say a boat, just in case I wanted to leave. Lastly, something that can convert seawater into drinking water.

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