Contribute Towards the VSC Staff Fund


Dear Members,

Since the word Covid entered our vocabulary you have been kept regularly informed by either me or Nigel Beet, the CEO, about the work the staff have undertaken to keep our doors open to members, guests and key workers as much as possible, (subject to the various lockdown restrictions).  The work which the staff undertook to prepare the Club to re-open in July 2021 was extremely thorough, typically professional and based on a comprehensive plan. Since then, they have all worked exceptionally hard as the Club recovers to close to our former pre-Covid operating position.  As we look forward to the festive season, and in recognition of their work, I am writing to seek your support for the staff.

Undoubtedly, this calendar year has been challenging for us all.  It has also been a difficult period for the staff too, who have all faced new pressures brought about by revised working practices and there being fewer colleagues to perform the wide range of roles and responsibilities which are vital to the Club’s operation, and the provision of high standards of service.  As many of you know, I stay regularly at the Club and I see the work of the staff at first hand. I receive on a near daily basis wonderful feedback from members about the service they and others have enjoyed due to our excellent staff, who are indefatigable in their efforts to look after us all.  This has been all the more impressive due to the well-publicised shortage of staff in the hospitality sector which has increased their workload.  Despite this, the staff have continued to deliver a warm welcome to all who visit the Club and provide Value Service and Courtesy in an exemplary way.       

To show your appreciation of their hard work, I would like to invite you to consider contributing to the Club’s Staff Fund.  This will be distributed equally to all permanent staff, and long-term casual workers, below the Senior Manager level. To do this you can go onto the Member Login page on the Club Website ( and follow the instructions on that page. If you do not have your Member Login details you can directly contribute by clicking here. Alternatively, you can leave cash, or a cheque made payable to 'Victory Services Club’ in the Staff Fund box located on the Club’s Reception Desk, or you can post a cheque to the Club, marked on the reverse with your Membership Number and the words “Staff Fund”.

Thank you for your support and also, in advance, of any contribution you can make to the Staff Fund, in recognition of their enormous contribution to your Club. It will be greatly appreciated by ‘the team’.

Yours sincerely 


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