Update from the CEO/Club Secretary

Dear Members,

On 22nd February 2021, the British Prime Minister shared the UK Government’s staged approach to taking England out of lockdown.  The VSC appreciates this risk based, data driven approach, which will hopefully mean that this is the last lockdown which we will experience, especially as the initials results of the impressive vaccination programme are so positive.  Naturally, the Prime Minister’s remarks were caveated as each progress stage will be evaluated.  For now, we have some clear timelines to work with, which is much welcomed news.  

Today, we will continue to safely provide bedroom accommodation, with a free inclusive breakfast which is delivered by room-service, for members and non-members who require this while they are staying at the Club and who are key and essential workers, and those attending hospital appointments.  Individuals who come under these categories who require accommodation should contact the Club via the Club’s Reception and Reservations Department, at res@vsc.co.uk.

The Club will be able to re-open on Monday 17th May 2021, when bedroom accommodation will be fully available for our Members and guests.  Breakfast will revert to being a la carte in The Grill and the Club Dining Room. The Club’s dining facilities will be fully open for lunch and dinner, with an introductory menu.  The Club Bar will be open again from lunchtime on 17th May.  Members who wish to book bedrooms should contact the Reception and Reservations Department.  We will have 156 bedrooms available to sell which include all of our single, double and twin ensuite bedrooms, together with our 14 single and double shared facility bedrooms which are linked to a designated shower/bathroom. Social distancing requirements will still be necessary, and the Rule of Six will need to be applied.  Members are requested to book a table in the Club’s Dining facilities and the Bar.  To do so, please email the Club on catering@vsc.co.uk.  

Subject to the outcome of the Government’s review, the Club will be fully opened on 21st June 2021, with all bedrooms available.  Breakfast will still be a la carte, before we return to a buffet breakfast, which will be announced at a future date.  We would still ask members to book a table with us for lunch and dinner, to avoid any disappointment, but by that date all of the Government’s restrictions in respect of social distancing will be lifted.      

 Details of the Clubs social programme will be published shortly on our website (www.vsc.co.uk).  The first monthly Club Secretary’s Lunch will be held on 8th July 2021.

The Club’s Sales and Marketing Team are available via events@vsc.co.uk if you wish to book a private meeting room or event.  Until 17th May 2021, the most we can accept as a singular booking is for 30.  From 17th May 2021 until 21st June our meeting room capacities will be restricted to half our normal capacity and from 21st June all of our standard capacities will be available.       

Please note that the Club is fully committed to delivering a Covid-19 safe environment.  We regularly update our policies and procedures and our documents are on our website. Within the Club, it is vitally important that our collective commitment by staff and members to good hygiene practices, including regular handwashing and the use of hand sanitiser and the wearing of face masks, continues during the four stage programme.  While we await to hear about the future rules on the wearing of face masks, the Club will continue to provide hand sanitiser points around the Club throughout 2021, and beyond.  Please do check our policies and guidance, or contact us directly should you have any questions.

During this past twelve months, the staff have been extremely grateful to the frequent and warm expressions of support which they have received from members in the UK, and from our overseas members, the latter of which have been also frustrated by travel bans and quarantine periods.  You have all been greatly missed and your support has been vital.  For those who have been able to stay with us, the generous feedback you have provided about the staff’s service and their work to deliver Value, Service Courtesy has been enormously appreciated.  

We all appreciate that this has been a very difficult time for individuals, families, friends and businesses. The Club is exceptionally grateful to the professionalism and dedication of our respective medical and health care staff, who have worked so hard since March 2020 and also the scientific community which has successfully developed the Covid vaccines.  With the good news that the vaccination programme is ahead of target and following the Prime Minister’s announcement on 22nd February, we can now look forward to far better days, when members can again enjoy the comfort, welcome and service which the Club provides.  

Yours sincerely,

Nigel Beet
CEO/Club Secretary

Read our Covid-19 information page here. 

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