Chairman's Christmas Message

Chairman's Christmas Message

Dear Members,

I hope that you, your family and friends are well as possible, as we fast approach what will be the most unusual Christmas, which many of us will have experienced in recent times.  This follows a pretty rugged year for many members, some of whom have suffered sad losses, or faced periods of isolation from loved ones.  In addition, countless businesses have been affected, and as part of the hospitality sector this has greatly impacted on the VSC too, which led to a restructuring programme, with many valued colleagues leaving the Club.  While the Club has faced various restrictions and lockdowns, we have remained open throughout 2020 which is an excellent achievement.  Despite being placed in Tier 3 (the Very High Alert category) on Wednesday 16th December our doors again remain open to key workers and for those who must still work.  This has only been possible due to the commitment of the Club’s outstanding staff, led by the CEO, Nigel Beet and the Senior Management Team. This year they have all gone above and beyond in their service to the Club.  I am sure that you will agree that the staff have shown commendable resilience and professionalism throughout this year.  Without their skills and agility in addressing everything that they have been asked to deal with, the Club’s challenges would have been even greater.

All of the staff are extremely grateful to the frequent and warm expressions of support which they have received from members in the UK, and from our overseas members; the latter of which have been also frustrated by travel bans and quarantine periods.  You have all been greatly missed.  That support has been invaluable. For those who have been able to stay with us, the generous feedback you have provided about the staff’s service and their work to deliver Value, Service Courtesy has been enormously appreciated.  Your expressions of support by letters, emails, boxes of chocolates and staff donations, have all helped sustain the hard working Club employees.

With the great news that Covid vaccines have been started to be delivered, and inoculation programmes have commenced, we all look forward to a far better 2021, in which we hope that Club returns as the vibrant and welcoming place to safely stay, dine and relax, amongst friends and families.  On behalf of General Sir Richard Barrons, the Club President, our hard-working Trustees, and the wonderful Club staff, may I wish you a happy and safe time, however you spend this Christmas and New Year.

See you in 2021!

Best wishes,   


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