Update from the Club Secretary

Dear Member,

As you are aware, the Prime Minister has announced a second lockdown in England which takes effect on Thursday 5th November and lasts until 2nd December.  Since that initial announcement, the Club has been advised that the Club may remain open throughout the second lockdown period for members who require accommodation for essential business purposes, those attending hospital appointments and also key workers.  Individuals who come under these categories who require accommodation should contact the Club, via the Reception and Reservations staff on Res@vsc.co.uk.   

New information indicates that the Club’s Dining Room and Grill will need to close during the lockdown and meals will only be served to bedrooms.  Understandably, our Club menu will need to change, and details will be published on our website.  The Club’s staff will continue to provide our now customary high standards of Covid-19 compliance, together with our commitment to Value, Service and Courtesy. 

As reported previously, the Club’s traditional arrangements for Remembrance Sunday have regrettably had to be cancelled. We are though still looking forward to Christmas and the New Year.  I will keep you updated about Christmas and the New Year in a future update.

We look forward to seeing you again if you are on business and require accommodation.  Please do recommend the Club to any key worker that you are aware who need accommodation.  Thank you again for your support for the Club

Best wishes,

Nigel Beet CBE

CEO/Club Secretary    

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