VSC Passes COVID-19 Audit with Flying Colours

VSC Passes COVID-19 Audit with Flying Colours

VSC Passes COVID-19 Audit with Flying Colours.

You will have read a previous news item on our website from the 2nd July about the VSC undergoing the Mystery Partnership’s COVID Hospitality Audit.  If you missed it, you could read it here.

The audit, conducted by the Mystery Partnership has been designed to include the Government and International Hotel brands’ COVID Secure Standards, providing organisations with a set of “best practice” principles and standards, that aim to minimize the risk of spread of infection.

We are pleased to announce that the VSC has been classed in the top 5 COVID secure properties in London, 10% ahead of the UK National average of COVID Secure Venues, and 20% ahead of the regional average.

The Mystery Partnership’s auditor said ‘The auditors felt that VSC took the safety measures seriously and were reassured by the amount of sanitisers and general cleanliness/space available. They were also impressed by the friendliness of staff that was not hindered by screens or PPE’.

The VSC’s Operations Director, Mark Field, said ‘We are delighted with the Mystery Partnership Audit results and are pleased that we are in the top 5 COVID secure venues in London. We hope this will reassure Members and guests that the Club is COVID secure and that our investment in staff training, thermal temperature scanners, and PPE together with our extensive policies and risk assessments shows our commitment to safety.  We will continue to maintain these high standards, while providing wonderful service'.     

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