Meet the Team - Gemma Thorns

Meet Gemma Thorns

Gemma started working at the VSC in 2019 and works in the Membership Department as Assistant Membership Secretary. Gemma has been placed on the furlough scheme, here she describes what she's been doing in her spare time.

"I have undertaken some volunteering to assist the elderly and vulnerable who are self-isolating during Covid-19. This has included creating a local Whatsapp group of volunteers; we delivered leaflets which offered our assistance. Sometimes there will be tasks such as picking up medication/shopping and delivering it to them. I am also a 'telephone befriender', so once a week I speak to an elderly person who just wants a friendly ear! This has been a positive during this time, neighbours helping neighbours.

I have found that having a daily routine has helped me immensely, I still get up before 9am each day. My morning consists of either a half an hour jog near my house or a virtual gym class from my ‘Fiit’ exercise app, which has live classes throughout the day. If you have a fit device, it records your reps and your heart rate; you gain points throughout each class so you can see where you have come on the leaderboard! I love this, as even though I am not in an actual gym, this is the closest I can be! Exercise is so important to me and my positive wellbeing, even more so during this time.

Exercise puts me in a positive and healthy mindset, afterwards I like to make a vegetable and fruit smoothie. The next part of my morning is learning Spanish, I had a free audio book that I had not claimed, so thought this would be the perfect time to start learning! I am really enjoying it and will keep going with this.

Luckily, it has been sunny weather, so I have been in my garden relaxing and reading. I have also started garden projects, I dug two flower beds (this was hard work!!) and planted my first ever seeds in the garden. I have also planted some sunflowers in pots too, when they are big enough, they can be planted in the garden.

Above: Gemma's sunflower

I have been going on long walks some days too, walking a good few miles and taking in the natural beauty around me.

Above: A view from one of Gemma's long walks

After lockdown, I am most looking forward to spending time with my loved ones and seeing all the members and my colleagues back in the Club".


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