Meet the Team - Olivia Ciftci

Meet Olivia Ciftci

Olivia (Liv) works in the Events Department as an Events Administrator and has worked at the VSC for just over a year. Liv is currently on furlough, here she explains in her own words what she's been up to.

"Initially, I found lockdown challenging as I am a very sociable person, however, I believe that we should all try to remain positive and seek the best out of bad situations wherever possible - even as terrible as COVID-19. Therefore, I realised by acquiring new skills (and brushing up on some old ones) that I’ve managed to remain occupied and the time seems to be flying past!

A usual morning for me consists of waking up and going for a walk in the forest next to my house, whilst listening to a podcast. Next, a workout followed by yoga, meditation and 20 mins of Spanish practice. I’ve found that if I do this routine every day, it really helps cultivate consistency and develops strong self-discipline. Studies show that following a routine similar to this is also great for your physical health and especially your positive mental health, which I can imagine a lot of people are struggling with at the moment.

Above: A picture from one of Liv's walks in the forest with bluebells. 

My afternoon usually varies by the week, but I am currently working on completing a 1000 piece puzzle, which has definitely been teaching me patience; something I thought I already possessed, but after three meltdowns already and I suspect many more to come - evidently not!

In addition, I’ve started a new book called, ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle, which is essentially a self-help guide to find inner peace and has been endorsed by the likes of Oprah; I would highly recommend it.

One of my not-so-successfully executed ideas was that I decided to take up jogging when lockdown started for about three weeks but, I have to admit, that I struggled immensely to find any enjoyment in it and all I’m going to say is, don’t expect to see me at the 2021 London Marathon!

A challenging element has been preparing meals, as my sister’s diet is strictly vegan and gluten-free, so inevitably, my diet has now become vegan and gluten-free… yes, I feel sorry for myself too. All jokes aside, it has actually been exceedingly enjoyable to make new recipes for dinner and as we have time on our hands, there’s no limit to our creativity.

Above: Some of Liv's healthy creations.

My favourite thing to do to pass the time, has been watching an array of videos on YouTube: from clothing hauls and skincare routines, to event-related videos and Louis Theroux documentaries.

Another favourite pastime of mine, would be my newly developed Amazon addiction: one minute I’ll be browsing notepads or new books to read and the next thing I know, it's been two hours and I’ve added an avocado shaped guacamole bowl to my basket, along with chocolate flavoured toothpaste and an inflatable sloth pool float for my non-existent pool!

Over the coming months, I would like to complete online courses to broaden my knowledge of the events industry, so that when I return to work I can bring some new skills and ideas to our department.

Post-lockdown, I am most looking forward to quality ‘real time’ (as opposed to ‘virtual time’) with my work colleagues and friends!"


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