VSC - Help Needed

From: Rear Admiral Mike Kimmons CB

Dear Members,

I am very grateful for the excellent support which has been provided through the generous donations on Just Giving and also by direct telephone calls to the Club.  The messages which have been received reflect the exceptionally high esteem the members hold the Club in, and in particular our staff.  While we are extremely grateful for the announcements which have been made to the business community by both the Prime Minister and the Chancellor, we are still some way off from fully understanding how, and to what extent, we will be able to access this potential source of funding.  Accordingly, I would be grateful if members could continue to consider making one-off donations to our Just Giving page (www.justgiving.com/victorysa).  The priority is to secure the Club's future and retain our greatest asset, which is the staff.  For now, we will continue to seek support until the Government’s policy has been developed and we confirm that the Club is eligible for assistance.  Please be assured that the funding will solely be used for staff salaries.  Immediately, we are assured of being able to access and then receive the various streams of financial support announced recently by the Chancellor we will cease this temporary campaign.  I will then write again to you all.

The Clubhouse remains open to key workers involved in combatting the coronavirus crisis.  Today we were briefed that we will be accommodating eleven military personnel from tomorrow who will be working in London hospitals.  We have offered more capacity to the Ministry of Defence, the National Health Service, the Civil Service and the Metropolitan Police Force.  We have a team of staff who are now living-in, and their morale is high.    

As ever, we hope that you, your family, friends and colleagues remain safe and as well as possible.

Yours sincerely,

Mike Kimmons CB

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