Meet the #VSCStaff

Meet Wally 

Kitchen Manager

Employee of the year.

Hi Wally! Can you tell us a bit more about your role at the VSC?

I usually start work at around 6 am. I then check all the kitchen floors, I receive all the goods that we ordered, I check the quality of all of our products and make sure that it is of a high standard.

My role also involves making sure that all the food and safety regulations are respected as well as checking that the kitchen is clean and ready to use by our chefs. I am also in charge of placing the food orders for the next day.

How long have you been working here?

I have been working at the VSC since October 2014!

What is the best part of your job?

The best part of my job and the thing that I enjoy most about is when I'm doing the health and safety report. I really enjoy it! It keeps my mind very busy! I have to be very serious as food and health safety is a very complicated matter. One single mistake and you can harm someone! It is a big responsibility and I enjoy it.

Why do you enjoy working at the club?

I like working with the kitchen team and all the departments! Everyone is so nice at the VSC.

Where did you work before?

I worked in many places! The latest place I worked was at a car crash repair store in London. I was repairing cars. 

How did you decide to come and work at the VSC? 

I had a friend who worked as a receptionist at the VSC. One day we made a barbecue at my house for one of his colleagues' friend leaving party. I met a lot of people from the VSC and I was made aware that the Club was looking for a new kitchen porter. I applied and got offered the job! 

How did it feel to win employee of the year?

I was not expecting it! I was already really happy that day because I got to spend the day with my son who I have not seen for 4 years! It was a really Happy day!



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