We provide free membership for all serving regulars and reservists of the UK Armed Forces and their partners. Plus, upon leaving service, we offer a further complimentary 12 months' Membership.

We’re proud of our facilities at the VSC and your membership gives you access to the following:

  • A military club atmosphere offering value, service and courtesy
  • Set in the heart of London, near Marble Arch station, Hyde Park and Oxford Street
  • Reasonably priced accommodation in the centre of London
  • A wide range of dining facilities including The Club Dining Room, The Grill, The Lounge Bar & Coffee Bar
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Changing room facilities
  • Having accompanied or unaccompanied guests stay in the Club's bedrooms
  • Reciprocal arrangements with other military clubs around the world
  • Exclusive event rates for private events booked at the Club
  • Lounges to relax in
  • Reassurance that safety and security of members is paramount

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