The Club was founded in 1907 by Major Arthur Haggard to promote ‘esprit de corps’ within the military. Major Haggard wanted to bring together and help support members of the Armed Forces after he witnessed destitute veterans in London after returning from the Second Boer War.

As the only London Club solely for all ranks of the military, we are proud to welcome current and former members of UK, Commonwealth and NATO Armed Forces.


To be the leading military members’ Club in London.


To deliver outstanding Value, Service, and Courtesy.

Charitable Objectives

Major Haggard’s vision of supporting members of the military is still very much alive over 100 years on and remains at the heart of the Club’s ethos.

The VSC has 2 charitable objectives which are:

To promote military efficiency and esprit de corps by bringing together members of the Armed Forces of the Crown, former members of the Armed Forces of the Crown and members of the Armed Forces of the Commonwealth and Foreign countries, with whom they are currently allied and by improving the conditions of life of such persons.

To relieve need, hardship or distress among persons who have served in the Armed Forces of the Crown and their dependants.






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