Serving those who served

The Victory Services Club was established in 1907 as a charity with two primary objectives:


Promote military efficiency and esprit de corps…

… bringing together members of the Armed Forces of the Crown and members of the Armed Forces of the Commonwealth and foreign Countries with whom we are currently allied and by improving the life of such persons.


Relieve need, hardship or distress…

… among persons who have served in the Armed Forces of the Crown and their dependants
We achieve these objectives by providing an affordable ‘home away from home’ in London for All Ranks of serving and retired members of the military community and their families. This includes the Reservists of the three Services. This also applies to Commonwealth Armed Forces and those of our allies.


Serving the whole military community

The VSC charity exists to serve the whole military community, both serving and retired. We believe that the “Best deserve the Best” so please do take advantage of this great Club, your Club, in the heart of London which is there to serve you. We do our very best for you, so why not help us to go on doing so by using and enjoying these fantastic facilities, London’s Haven for Heroes.