Respite and Welfare breaks

What they are, who they benefit

Your Club provides and funds free “Respite and Welfare” breaks for those who have been wounded in operational areas. The breaks include provision for a carer, and have benefited those who are genuinely distressed and in need of a break in the Nation’s Capital.

We support the major military charities and the Armed Forces in their quest to support those who have been wounded physically and mentally by providing and funding “Respite and Welfare” breaks.    We have become London’s “Haven for Heroes” and their families.

What difference it makes in the words of R&W guests:


“We all cannot thank you enough for making the break so special and memorable. From the moment we arrived, we were treated with the greatest of respect and the warmest of welcomes.” 
R&W Guest February 2013


“I would just like to say thank you on behalf of my family for the service and complimentary ticket to the London Tower and boat cruise as part of our welfare break. We had an absolutely fabulous time and the hotel was great.”
R&W Guest February 2013


“I would like to thank you for a great stay and I will be coming back again.  The staff were all fantastic…..” 
R&W Guest February 2013


“We loved every moment of it, and the Porters, the Reception were very very helpful and polite.  Housekeeping was superb!   We really appreciated the fact that everything was last minute!  Especially with the vouchers you provided, really made us happy.  And for accommodating our baby as well, made it a huge family experience.  The Restaurant Manager was really helpful and Friendly.  Definitely not the last visit you will expect from us!”
R&W Guest December 2012
“Cpl Coogan came to see me on his return to work this week and told me of the fantastic service you offered him throughout his stay at the Club. He commented all your staff were extremely helpful and really couldn’t have done anymore to accommodate them. The facilities, rooms and restaurant that you have there were excellent. It was a difficult few days for Cpl Coogan and his family but having the opportunity to stay at the Victory Services Club relieved a lot of the stress they were under.”
 Unit Welfare Officer, Marlborough Barracks, March 2011
“We are very grateful and very pleased with the generosity of the VSC and will look to stay here in the future. All your staff are extremely polite and helpful and the room was very clean and comfortable. Thank you.”
R&W Guest, July 2011
“We were greeted by such friendly staff on arrival and made to feel so welcome and special, and this really set the scene. Nothing was too much trouble, and having the room already set up with the extra bed and cot – and particularly all the water, biscuits and fruit – was such a nice touch. All in all, just perfect.”
 R&W guest, March 2011



“I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who recently assisted me and my family during my stay at the Victory Services Club. It was a difficult few days for me and my family but having the opportunity to stay at the Club relieved a lot of the stress we were under.”
R&W Guest, February 2011

Want to know more?


For more information on Respite and Welfare Breaks please contact the Club Secretary on 020 7616 8304 or email or contact your Unit Welfare Office.