VSC History Part 4

Lord Allenby was succeeded by Field Marshal Lord Chetwode. Chetwode had served on his staff in Palestine in 1917.  The Club’s name was later changed to the Victory Ex – Services Club. Post the 2nd WW the club listed an astonishing array of Honorary Patrons including Sir Winston Churchill, Mr Clement Atlee, General Eisenhower and Field Marshall Smuts to name but a few.  In 1970, when the Serving Armed Forces were admitted to the club it became the Victory Services Club.


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By 1970 the Club was well established in different premises.  It had moved to Seymour Street in 1948 after the appeal for funds launched in 1944 by the Lord Mayor of London.  The funds also enabled the charity to build the Memorial Wing on adjoining bombed site.  The foundation stone was laid in 1954 by His Royal Highness, Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh.  On its completion in1957 His Royal Highness became the Patron-in-Chief and has greatly supported the Club since this date.  After the official opening, Sir Winston Churchill said of the Club “ The Victory Club for ex- servicemen given by the nation as memorial to fallen comrades and as a tribute to those who returned, stands guardian of the common treasures and memories of friendship and brave deeds”