How can I help my Club?

If you are wondering in what practical way you can show the Armed Forces Community how much you value them, then please donate. There are many ways that individuals can give support to the Victory Services Association.


Leave a gift in your will:

Having canvassed members it is recognised that some individuals may wish to make a contribution to the Club by leaving a gift in your will.  Legacies of any size are most welcome.  To find out more about legacy giving, please contact


Add a donation to your bill:

If you are planning a trip to the VSC, why not add a donation to your accommodation bill when you check out of the Club? This is a quick and easy method of donating for those staying in the Club. Ask for details at Reception.


Become a fundraiser:

Volunteer fundraisers are vital to charities like the Victory Services Association. Sponsored activities can be done as an individual or group activity. Your knowledge that your activities will benefit the servicemen and women of yesterday, today and tomorrow, will motivate you to complete any number of tasks. Examples of the type of fundraising activity you could organise and participate in include cake, clothes or bric a brac sales; sponsored walk, run, swim or bike rides.


Gift Aid

HM Revenue and Customs introduced Gift Aid on 6 April 2000 and it enables charities to claim back the basic tax paid on our supporters’ donations, as long as they are a UK taxpayer. It is an excellent way for us to claim an extra 25% on your subscription and donations – without costing you a penny. This means that for every £20 you donate the VSC gets an extra £5.00.


Higher rate taxpayers

There is an extra benefit for our higher rate taxpayers as you are able to reclaim relief on the amount you have donated. We, as a charity, can claim the basic rate tax on your annual subscription or donation and you can reclaim the difference between higher and basic rate tax.

For example, if you give £100 to VSC, we can reclaim Gift Aid of £25.00, making your total gross donation worth £125.00. Being a higher taxpayer, you can reclaim on the gross donation another 20% (difference between the two tax bands), which is £25.00. This means your £125.00 gift to the VSC would have cost you only £75.00.

All you need to do is provide the details of your gift aid donations on your tax return or self-assessment form. What’s even better, there are no limits so your gift to us can be as small or large as you wish. If you prefer, instead of claiming back the 20% difference for yourself, you can donate it to us. Simply select Victory Services Club as your chosen charity if you are doing it online, otherwise please quote 261307 (charity registration number) on your tax form.