Membership FAQs

How can I speak to a member of the Membership team?

If you would like to speak to a member of the Membership Team, please telephone us on 0207 616 8355 / 8302.  Please be aware that the Membership Office is open from 9am to 5pm , Monday to Friday.  If all lines are busy or if you phone out of opening hours,  please do leave a message on the answering machine and someone will return your call as soon as possible.

If I’m currently serving, can I become a member of The Club?

Yes. If you are in the Serving Armed Forces you can become a member for FREE, and so can your spouse.

What happens if I can’t provide the relevant documentation within 6 months?

Should this not be provided within 6 months your membership will be lapsed with NO fees being refundable and a re-joining fee being chargeable if provided after this time. If you are having difficulty getting proof of service please contact the appropriate records office, contact information is available here.

Army Personnel Centre
Disclosures 1
Mail point 520
Kentigern House
65 Brown Street
G2 8EX
Contact Telephone Number: 0345 600 9663

Disclosure Cell
Room 48
West Battery
Whale Island
Contact Telephone Number: 023 9262 8654

Room 14, Trenchard Hall
RAF Cranwell
NG34 8HB
Contact Telephone Number: 0140 026 8167

When are the subscription rates going to increase?

Subscription rates, should they change will do so in April of any given year, unless prior notice is given.

How can I pay my annual subscription?

Direct Debit is our preferred method of payment for existing members (this method only applies to UK bank account holders.) However, we accept Cash, Cheques, Postal Orders, International Money Orders, Mastercard, American Express and Visa.

Can I give you credit/debit card details via email?

You can email your credit card details, but please do be aware that we need the card number, and expiry date or issue number.

When is my subscription due for renewal?

Exactly 12 months from when you join.  For example, if you joined in March 2014, you would be due to renew in March 2015.  Please note that Membership of The Club is continuous from year to year, unless a Member submits a letter of resignation prior to their renewal date.

Will I be sent a reminder about my annual subscription?

Traditional mail reminders are sent a month after the due date, with E-mail reminders sent the 1st week of the due date.

What is Club Talk?

The Club Newsletter for members with the latest Club news.

When does Club Talk get sent out?

Twice a year, usually all members will be sent a copy in April and October.

Can I join the Club if my parents or children serve, or have served, in the Forces?

Yes. The Victory Services Club launched Family Membership in 2005.  Family membership is available to parents and children over the age of 18 of those who are currently serving or have served, based on their military service.

How soon after joining will I receive my membership card?

Membership cards are usually sent out the week after membership has been taken out.   You should receive your card within 2 or 3 weeks of joining.   If you apply by post or in person we will issue you with a temporary membership card until you receive your permanent card.

 What is joint membership?

A serving person or ex-service person can enjoy joint membership with their spouse or partner only.

Do I have to have joint membership if I want my partner to stay with me?

No. Your partner is able to stay with you as a guest. Each member is entitled to bring up to four guests with them  to stay at the Club.

Do we have a reciprocal arrangement with any other Clubs?

Yes, we are fortunate to have 9 Affiliated Clubs, and we are always on the lookout for additional Clubs.

The current clubs are:
Royal Scots Club in Edinburgh, Scotland.
Marines’ Memorial Club in San Francisco, USA.
United Service Club in Brisbane, Australia.
The Royal Automobile Club of Australia, Sydney, Australia
Soldiers’, Sailors’, Marines’ & Airmens Club, New York
The Royal Canadian Military Institute, Toronto
The Royal Commonwealth Society (MALAYSIAN BRANCH)
The Union Club of British Columbia in Victoria, British Columbia
RSA Tauranga Branch in Tauranga, New Zealand.

What is the procedure for staying in one of our Reciprocal Clubs?

You may book accommodation direct with the Club you wish to visit, and then please contact the Membership department here and we will issue you with a letter of introduction.